“Originate – As We Envision, Originate – As We Create”

In 2018, O&O studio was set up based in the vibrant city Hong Kong, providing consultancy services in architecture, interior design, pop-up installation and masterplanning. O&O is a design-led studio with a working ethos of “Out and Outer”, fully committed to clients with thoroughgoing attitude towards every commission, from its beginning to completion and occupation.

O&O Studio do not provide standardised design formula and believe that each project has its own origin. Each design proposal should be originated from a critical and cohesive process of strategic and visual thinking through to the end users’ evaluation, thus informing the next even more successful project. Close relationship with the clients is established, as well as with the wider stakeholders and project team, thus to create unique and articulated resolutions for each specific circumstance.

O&O’s spatial creation performs through its composition, materiality, and spatial layering as importantly as with the context and the end users, particularly for the next generation. Ultimately O&O want to focus on community and kids related projects in the near future.
Bar by O&O STUDIO Ltd

Mooncraft Bar by O&O STUDIO Ltd Adjacent to the Shanghai Bund, Shiliupu Wharf is full of dramatic stories from the past – from wharfs to tycoons, warehouses to longtangs, these should all be celebrated. Sitting in this South Bund area, Mooncraft, designed by O&O Studio, stands for a place that holds moment of dialogue with this once prosperous era. Wondering along the rippling Huangpu River especially through the evening hours, Mooncraft is well placed for one to relax and have a moonlight sip. Mooncraft - a place that is replete with time and stories, for one to sense and embrace with a tipsy and emotional moment.

Retail Store by O&O STUDIO Ltd

Atelier Intimo Flagship Retail Store by O&O STUDIO Ltd Our world has been hit by unprecedented virus in 2020. Atelier Intimo first Flagship designed by O and O Studio is inspired by the concept of Rebirth of the Scorched Earth, implying the integration of healing power of nature that gives mankind new hope. While a dramatic space is crafted that allows visitors to spend moments imagining and fantasizing in such time and space, a series of art installations is also created to fully demonstrate the brand true characteristics. The Flagship is not an ordinary retail space, it is the performing stage of Atelier Intimo.

Bar and Restaurant by O&O STUDIO Ltd

Siete7 Bar and Restaurant by O&O STUDIO Ltd Hong Kong based O and O Studio has completed the design of Siete7, a newly opened restaurant and bar in Yuecheng District of Shaoxing. Located on the ground level of a raised terraced style pairing units, Siete7 seeks for a resolution of co-existing F and B spaces that inaugurate a spatial dialogue between them. O and O draws inspiration on concurrence and synchronicity, creates identity and scent of feminine and provocative essence for each space while maintaining a flow on functionality. Siete7 is a hidden gem and the first of this kind of F and B outlet in the Eastern China province.

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O&O STUDIO is IDC member since 2020, with 6094 IDC rating.
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