Haofeng Ma

Ma haofeng, founder and design director of yunnan bifan design & decoration company. More than 10 years of design road has always been people-oriented and thinking about the purpose of design, with professional to find the balance between aesthetics and practicality. "Design comes from life and serves life. Design makes life better."
Residential House by Haofeng Ma

Baoxiang Of Grey Residential House by Haofeng Ma The residential design considers the habits, needs and tastes of each family member. Again according to appeal and building actual situation, rearrange each function area. 'less is more', using simple black, white and grey is the most direct visual touch. This space is designed with grey walls and grey polyurethane floors, and black cabinets to perfectly present the whole space. Designers find a balance between aesthetics and practicality in this space.

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Haofeng Ma
Xinyuan Yangguang Huayuan, Dianchi Road
P: +86 13888000332

Haofeng Ma is IDC member since 2020, with 2023 IDC rating.
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