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is an architectural studio established in 2007. We deal with a wide range and scale of projects; we design buildings and their interiors and offer our clients in Poland and abroad tailored services, experience and commitment. Our objective is to create spaces that not only respond to their intended character and use but are also meaningful and unique. In our practice, we try to bring together extensive experience from the fields of architecture and design. Whether it's a consultancy, concept or executive design, we present original solutions and effectve ways to achieve them. We team up with branch engineers and contractors that make the most challenging ideas come true.
Cocktail Bar by Kacper Gronkiewicz

Aura Cocktail Bar by Kacper Gronkiewicz The name of the bar relates to latin aurum - gold and also to a colour of bourbon based drinks served here. Gronkiewicz contrasted polished and mat, veneered and raw metal with soft and heavy patterned carpets lining the wall. The brass surface top of the drinks counter perches on a mismatch marble base. Golden plates also line the bar's rear wall. To optimise the venue's limited space a set of holes was designed in the floor for several combinations of custom-made tables. Carpets, cobalt blue walls and golden fixtures merge into a vibrant interior.

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Kacper Gronkiewicz
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Kacper Gronkiewicz is IDC member since 2020, with 2023 IDC rating.
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