Constantinos Yanniotis

Constantinos Yanniotis graduated from the School of Architecture NTUA in 2011, following his studies of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Patras (2003). Since then, he has been practicing as an Architect at the Yanniotis & Associates Architectural Bureau, having an expertise in Inclusive Design. In its long-lasting activity, the Bureau has completed a significant number of projects – of both small and large scale – in various fields of building design and urban planning (residential buildings, office spaces, industrial buildings, tourist facilities, golf resorts & sports centres, culture, restoration and reformation of listed historical buildings, urban planning, decorating, special designs etc). Facing towards the new challenges, contemporary design account for Inclusive Design practices, Sustainable Energy Technologies and Integrated IT Services.
Residential Complex by Constantinos Yanniotis

Interelationships Residential Complex by Constantinos Yanniotis Interelationships is a pilot, sustainable, collective housing, supported living complex that hosts vulnerable groups of people living in a collective community. The social impact of the project is important because it (re)integrates these people with work and joint participation in a multitude of activities with city residents. It may thus become a cultural attraction where interpersonal relationships develop through social, cultural and leisure revenue-generated activities. Fundamental aim of the project is to demonstrate that UD fits into buildings or complexes with modern aesthetics.

Yoga Shala Building by Constantinos Yanniotis

Metamorphosis Yoga Shala Building by Constantinos Yanniotis This project is about a Yoga Shala proposal submitted in an International Architecture Competition Call. The site is part of a mountain Yoga Retreat Complex located in a breathtaking forest region of central Portugal. The new Yoga Shala building is inspired from the Yoga philosophy, being a spiritual practice rather than a physical exercise. The new development apart from the Shala with an atrium space, consists of the Teahouse cave volume. Both buildings are framed by the biomorphic xeriscaping garden islands, the curvilinear walking concrete stone paths and the cultivation activities levels.

Concert Hall and Library by Constantinos Yanniotis

Chiesa Diruta Concert Hall and Library by Constantinos Yanniotis Chiesa Diruta is a proposal for the transformation of a ruined Renaissance church located at Grottole, Italy into a vibrant Cultural Center consisting of a Concert Hall and a Municipal Library. The Concert Hall volume floats above the Foyer, thus freeing the space underneath in order to allow people to visit the monument and enjoy the view over the Basento river valley. The Municipal Library, accessible from the opposite side of the monument, is a hospitable space that develops in two levels. Both usages enhanced through gentle design gestures, create a unique landmark for the entire region.

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Constantinos Yanniotis
21A Kosma Balanou str
F: Greece

Constantinos Yanniotis is IDC member since 2020, with 6086 IDC rating.
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