The founder of Maxine culture media;The founder of CINCH culture media;Designer of Movie Poster;Silver winner of A‘design award 2020.
Movie Poster by Cinch Culture Media

Mosaic Portrait Movie Poster by Cinch Culture Media The art film "mosaic portrait" was released as a concept poster. It mainly tells the story of a girl who was sexually assaulted. White usually has the metaphor of death and the symbol of chastity. This poster chooses to hide the message of "death" behind a girl's quiet and gentle state, so as to highlight the stronger emotion behind silence. At the same time, the designer integrated artistic elements and suggestive symbols into the picture, causing more extensive thinking and exploration of film works.

TV Play Poster by Cinch Culture Media

Anti Crime TV Play Poster by Cinch Culture Media This TV series is adapted from real events, and justice forces open the curtain of underworld forces. The poster is inspired by the story itself and conveys the core content with the help of suggestive information. The concept poster uses white pigeons and black crows to metaphorize and imply the power of justice and expose the decadent dark forces.

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