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Verge Creative Design Co., Ltd (VCD) is a diversified, cross-border thinking space design company. The aim is to take cross-border thinking as the way to break through the boundary of the industry field and construct a new platform of contemporary design with diversified strategies. The company provides space integration design services such as urban travel space planning and old city renovation design, rural innovation construction, cross-border space design, etc. In the framework of globalization, combined with the concept of land, diversity, overlap to achieve a new industry field integration design.
Public Art Space by Yingjie Lin  Yuanyuan Zhang

Dachuan Lane Art Installation Public Art Space by Yingjie Lin Yuanyuan Zhang Dachuan lane of Chengdu, West Bank of Jinjiang River, is a historical street linking the ruins of Chengdu East Gate City wall. In the project, the archway of Dachuan Lane in the history was rebuilt by the old way in the original street, and the story of this street was told by the street art installation. The intervention of art installation is a kind of media for the continuation and transmission of stories. It not only reproduces the traces of historical streets and lanes that have been demolished, but also provides a kind of temperature of urban memory for the new streets and lanes.

Wharf Renovation by Yingjie Lin  Yuanyuan Zhang

Dongmen Wharf Wharf Renovation by Yingjie Lin Yuanyuan Zhang Dongmen wharf is a millennium old wharf on the mother river of Chengdu. Due to the last round of "old city renewal", the area has been basically demolished and rebuilt. The project is to re present a glorious historical picture through the intervention of art and new technology on a city cultural site that has basically disappeared, and to activate and re invest the long sleeping urban infrastructure into the urban public domain.

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