Heitor Lobo Campos

Industrial Designer from Brasília.

Currently working as a freelancer, I'm specially interested in sustainable design projects of any scope.
Task Lamp by Heitor Lobo Campos

Pluto Task Lamp by Heitor Lobo Campos Pluto keeps the focus firmly on style. Its compact, aerodynamic cylinder is orbited by an elegant handle perched over an angled tripod base, making it easier to position with its soft-but-focused light with precision. Its form was inspired by telescopes, but instead, it seeks to focus on the earth instead of the stars. Made with 3d printing utilizing corn-based plastics, it is unique, not only for using 3d printers in an industrial fashion, but also eco-friendly.

Contact Info

Heitor Lobo Campos
Distrito Federal

Heitor Lobo Campos is IDC member since 2020, with 2044 IDC rating.
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