Gong Huachao is a creative, hard-working designer with a deep passion for design.
He has been winning design awards since he was a student. Through years of unremitting efforts, he eventually turned the international award-winning design ideas into products and sold them all over the world.
As the son of a well-known Chinese jade sculptor, he optimized his design works like carving crafts.
In 2011, Gong invented a new sensory input solution, won the award "Reddot: best of the best" for the highest design quality, expressing innovation in form and function in an exemplary manner.
In 2014, he founded Luckey, which provides the world's first interactive sensory input hardware and software solution Nums. Luckey is the National High-tech Enterprise founded by a team of masters and PhDs from Tsinghua University. The Company is moving the world of IoT forwarding by the internationally original tactile sensation algorithm and creative hardware products. Luckey obtained an investment of 3 million dollars from famous investment institutions shortly after leaving the campus. Nums is cooperating with Top 500 Companies in pre-installation, while its B2C retail performs very well over the world.
Design to Improve Life is the keyword. He is a sustainability advocate who argues that a designer's role is to create products that are both commercially viable and contribute to social good.
3D Face Recognition Access Control by Huachao Gong

Ezalor 3D Face Recognition Access Control by Huachao Gong Meet the multiple sensor and camera access control system, Ezalor. Algorithms and local computing are engineered for privacy. The financial level anti-spoofing technology prevents the of fake-face masks. Soft reflective lighting brings comfort. In the blink of an eye, users can access the place they love with ease. Its no-touch authentication ensures hygiene.

Contact Info

1-905, Zhongxinjiayuan Area 2, No.7 Mudanyuan North Rd., Haidian Dist.
P: 8615805162300

Gonghuachao is IDC member since 2020, with 2035 IDC rating.
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