Georgiana Ghit

Young designer, with a passion for coming up with unique and outside-the-box ideas, while also experimenting with new processes and techniques, the designer is fascinated by many product design opportunities that can improve people's lives. The experiment and experience matter most.
Lighting Object by GEORGIANA GHIT

Fragrance Lamp Lighting Object by GEORGIANA GHIT Aromatherapy and design have met to create the product Fragrance Lamp, realized in 2019. The experiment and development process was based on creating a new material that emits the natural essence of lavender flower. Therefore, here is a lighting object that, in addition to its functionality, will bring those who give it a chance, closer to nature. Lavender, its unique texture and fragrance, are found in the Fragrance Lamp which is part of the sustainable design products.

Contact Info

Georgiana Ghit
Granicerilor 100, apt 51
P: +40755578611

Georgiana Ghit is IDC member since 2020, with 2023 IDC rating.
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