Qingyong Wang

Qianxing studio's committed to the study of solving practical problems at the same time into the design of art aesthetics.Through many years engaged in the architectural design, interior design and other aspects of innovation and practical practice. In recent years, the studio has completed different types of high-quality projects distributed all over China.
Exhibition Hall by Qingyong Wang

Tianze Information Exhibition Hall by Qingyong Wang In the design process of this project, they will make them collide with each other through the model, material, light and shadow, structure and other elements, create a minimalist space to make space show a solemn and quiet character, do not publicize, do not jump, let people feel the space, and pay more attention to the product information itself. They using architectural elements in the interior space to make it deep, restrained, and withstand the test of time, to reach resonance with science and technology, and with the future.

Contact Info

Qingyong Wang
Room 203, Building 5, No.1 Guanghua East Street,Qinhuai District
Jiangsu Province
P: +86 18120117377

Qingyong Wang is IDC member since 2020, with 2023 IDC rating.
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