Masaru Eguchi

Masaru Eguchi started photography in 2002 and won domestic and foreign awards as a photographer. Design career is from 2006. As a designer, he has designed the world's No. 1 badminton racket maker, stationery brand design, traditional Japanese technology brand design, and social business design.
Later he founded the design office "Sunpono" in 2016.
He sees the "health of the business" as improving the profits of the business and improving the well-being of the workers and the people living in it.
Red Dot Award 2019 Winner, and A’ Design Award 2019 - 2020 Silver Winner.
Photography by Masaru Eguchi

The Japanese Forest Photography by Masaru Eguchi "The Japanese Forest" is taken from a Japanese religious perspective. One of the Japanese ancient religions is Animism. Animism is a belief that non-human creatures, still life (minerals, artifacts, etc.) and invisible things also have an intention. Photography is similar to this. Masaru Eguchi is shooting something that makes feeling in the subject. Trees, grass and minerals feel the will of life. And even artifacts such as dams that left in nature for a long time feel the will. Just as you see the untouched nature, the future will see the present scenery.

Contact Info

Masaru Eguchi
#308, 4-29-25, Tsurumaki
P: +81-50-1127-4983

Masaru Eguchi is IDC member since 2020, with 2035 IDC rating.
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