Alma Kamal

An award-winning graphic designer with a serious passion for print. Alma moved across the globe to learn more about design, herself and others. She believes that design can be applied to literally everything, but it works best when utilized to spread knowledge, love and compassion. Alma has been a designer for over 13 years and has worked in variant industries, including a few print centric places such as Chronicle Books and Brownbok magazine where she was a Creative Director in charge of a bi-monthly magazine as well as many other projects. Alma also worked on a catalogue for one of Takashi Murakami’s exhibitions. In addition, she was in charge of finding and recruiting talent from illustrators to photographers to designers. Alma's work has won many awards and was featured in different media platforms such as Adobe Live, Communication Arts and Print magazine.
Editorial Design by Alma Kamal

Stet Editorial Design by Alma Kamal Our world has evolved dramatically since the invention of movable type, and so have people. The internet has altered reading habits from linear to non-linear. However, the printed book still retains its traditional form, causing a disconnect between the reader and the ink on paper. This gap made it possible for Stet to exist. Stet aims to reshape and push the boundaries of print to encourage more people to read tactile books, with concentration on certain genres like Humanities.

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Alma Kamal
680 Mission st
P: +14155399986

Alma Kamal is IDC member since 2021, with 2036 IDC rating.
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