Ran Zhou

He graduated from the Northeastern University of China in 2019 and is studying Medical Design at the Kiel School of Design and Art in Germany in 2020. At the beginning of his studies, he designs several medical products, for example, a deformable memory bracelet for diabetics and this bedsore preventing wheelchair. He really like to reduce the influence of diseases on the lives of those affected by the design. He aims to improve people’s health through design.
Wheelchair by Ran Zhou

Ancer Dynamic Wheelchair by Ran Zhou Ancer, the bedsore preventing wheelchair. It focuses not only on the fluidness of its movements, but also the comfort of the patient, especially those who are using it for an extended period of time. The innovative design along with a dynamic airbag built into the seat cushion, and rotatable handle, differentiates it from the regular wheelchair. With much effort invested, the design of the wheelchair was completed and proved to help prevent bedsores. The solution and design principles are based on results collected from wheelchair users, which makes leads to an authentic user experience.

Contact Info

Ran Zhou
Ludwig-Meyn-Straße 15
P: 015257814664

Ran Zhou is IDC member since 2020, with 2035 IDC rating.
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