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Product design by DYDYKIN – creating a deeper connection between people, the environment and the things that we own.

We conduct research, draw concepts, create models and test prototypes so that the design remains relevant longer. It's better to connect us to the project at the idea stage, so that we think through the design of the product together.

"Our belief is that every man must convey this World further in a better condition than he inherited! With respect to the work and heritage of the past, we design new generation products, contributing to a better future." – Igor Dydykin
Birdhouse by Igor Dydykin

Domik Ptashki Birdhouse by Igor Dydykin Due to the monotonous lifestyle and lack of sustainable interaction with Nature, a person lives in a state of constant breakdown and internal dissatisfaction, which does not allow him to enjoy life to the fullest. It can be fixed by expanding borders of perception and gaining new experience of Human-Nature interaction. Why birds? Their singing positively affects human mental health, also birds protect environment from insect pests. The project Domik Ptashki is an opportunity to create helpful neighborhood and to try on the ornithologist role by observing and taking care of birds.

Chair by Igor Dydykin

Stool Glavy Roda Chair by Igor Dydykin Stool Glavy Roda embodies the qualities inherent to the Head of the Family: integrity, organization and self-discipline. Right angles, circle and a rectangle shapes in combination with ornament elements support the connection of the past and the present, making the chair as timeless object. The chair is made of wood with the use of eco-friendly coatings and can be painted in any desired color. Stool Glavy Roda will naturally fit into any interior of an office, hotel or private home.

Award by Igor Dydykin

Nagrada Award by Igor Dydykin This design is realized to contribute to the normalization of life during self-isolation, and to create a special award for the winners of online tournaments. The award's design represents the transformation of a Pawn into a Queen, as a recognition of the player's progress in chess. The award consists of two flat figures, the Queen and the Pawn, which are inserted into each other due to narrow slots forming a single cup. The award design is durable thanks to stainless steel and is convenient for transportation to the winner by mail.

Sport Equipment by Igor Dydykin

Stoyka Sport Equipment by Igor Dydykin How to bring the power rack into any modern living space without compromising the interior design? The Stoyka is a power rack for the modern home designed to look like high-end furniture, merging the home gym with storage capabilities. The integrated storage system slides out from behind the power rack's rear wall. For people who do not have enough time to visit gym or those who have to limit their activities for health reasons, the Stoyka gives an opportunity to perform a variety of physical exercises, including strength High-Intensity Interval Training, balance and flexibility exercises.

Pillbox by Igor Dydykin

Korobok Pillbox by Igor Dydykin The Korobok is a uniquely shaped pillbox designed to store capsules, vitamins, dietary supplements, and other prophylactic agents. It serves as a pleasant accessory for the daily life of a modern, health-conscious person. The pillbox is convenient to use for its unique shape: round shape with a hole on the back, flat on the front side, and a notch at the top. It allows to use the pillbox by touch, without looking, and it is easy to determine the top and the bottom.

Lighting by Igor Dydykin

Uda Lighting by Igor Dydykin The lamp allows you to illuminate the limited space necessary for a person, with soft light, while not disturbing the sleeping person nearby. The adjustable angle of inclination allows you to change the position of the body, adjusting the light source for yourself and due to this, less tired. The variable length of the light source extension allows you to adjust the lamp for a person with different heights and builds and choose for yourself the most convenient placement of the lighting object.

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Igor Dydykin
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