Takahiro Sato

Japanese designer and SEO of own design company Gerbera Design Inc. and brand KUDEN (receive A’DESIGN AWARD)
Field: Product design(include fashion), social design, branding.
I also consult for new business project and design work. Our design studio can create unique world view for all design work, media, product, service, website and any other things because I ( designer ) understand why to do this project. Welcome to work with who want to make your new business to global, have interests on Ethical and social issues and also collaborate with who have traditional technique of each country.
Platform by Takahiro Sato

Next Kimono Platform by Takahiro Sato Next Kimono platform is not only product but also has a role as social design to solve 2 social issue: Disappear Japanese traditional kimono culture and Lost high sewing technique for Japanese and Western. For easy to take kimono in daily life, it consists of 3 items. People wear both fullset as kimono and single with their usual outfit as daily clothes. As a trigger to wear it in world's daily life, Next Kimono makes demand for traditional one and jobs at fair wages for sewing factory. Final goal of Kuden is employment of disabled people include CEO's son.

Contact Info

Takahiro Sato
Kiwadshima 1527-1
P: +815036282414

Takahiro Sato is IDC member since 2020, with 2023 IDC rating.
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