Eric Lalande

Eric Lalande is a designer, technologist, and artist. Various fields of interest feed his everyday design work. With experience in design, engineering, aerospace, and crafts, he brings his unique point of view to each new project and endeavor. With a strong emphasis on functionality and user experience, most of Eric's designs incorporate inclusive features to allow for more people to use them.
Inclusive Shaver by Eric Lalande

Albatross Inclusive Shaver by Eric Lalande With the Albatross, designers were aiming at helping people suffering from degenerative conditions or hand traumas. The goal was to address those issues in a new way. To achieve this, the designer designed an electric shaver focusing on the way it is held and operated. They incorporated features that significantly reduce stress on the hand while also requiring less dexterity.

Syringes Transport Container by Eric Lalande

Esc Syringes Transport Container by Eric Lalande The Emergency Syringe Capsule Esc enables caregivers during vaccination campaigns to prepare in advance up to ten prefilled syringes for distribution. The Esc will provide a controlled environment with the help of a color-changing cold pack for up to five hours. It can also be used by emergency response teams during a crisis or various special circumstances. The design is intuitive and relies on visual cues to facilitate interactions between caregivers.

Contact Info

Eric Lalande
800 thibault
P: 1 514 691 0204

Eric Lalande is IDC member since 2021, with 4049 IDC rating.
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