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Gizem Akdağ, [02.05.20 16:56]
Kenarköşe is a multidisciplinary creative studio that aims to find inclusive and effective design solutions in different scales. Founded by two architects Gizem Akdağ and Merve Okçu, Kenarköşe synthesizes strategic thinking with the creative vision in different fields such as graphics and identity, architecture and interior design, exhibition, digital media, websites, and product design. Kenarköşe has a small, dedicated team where each designer in the team is directly in the creative phase of the project with a collaborative process to ensure the progressive quality of the works.
Logo and Brand Identity by Kenarköse Creative

Tualcom Logo and Brand Identity by Kenarköse Creative The logomark of Tualcom is inspired by the radiofrequency waves, which is related to the field that the company operates, and it simply connects the letters of Tual. Therefore, the logo not only emphasizes the company name but also refers to the operation fields of them. The branding is shaped around the idea of horizontal red stripes that are coupled with vertical blue ones to achieve a sense of continuity and communication. The resulting graphic language and the visual system instantly communicate with the broad audience compactly and efficiently.

Visual Identity Design by Kenarköse Creative

ODTU Sanat 20 Visual Identity Design by Kenarköse Creative For the 20th year of ODTU Sanat, an annually held art festival by Middle East Technical University, the request was to build a visual language to highlight the consequent 20 years of the festival. As requested, the 20th year of the festival was emphasized by approaching it like a covered art piece to be unveiled. Shadows of the same colored layers that form the numbers 2, and 0 created a 3D illusion. This illusion gives the feeling of relief and the numbers look like they melted into the background. The vivid color choice creates a subtle contrast with the tranquility of the wavy 20.

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