Sasank Gopinathan

Sasank Gopinathan is an Industrial Designer with an eye for eye catching visuals and a penchant for creating works with interesting quirks. Coming from India, Sasank strives to take part in the emerging product design field in his country, by creating a visual language that would be distinctly Indian but undeniably global in reach and appeal. Outside his job as a furniture designer, Sasank also explores his creative side in typography, iconography, and automotive design, having won awards and nominations in design competitions, both inside and outside his work.
Chaise Lounge Concept by Sasank Gopinathan

Dhyan Chaise Lounge Concept by Sasank Gopinathan Dyhan lounge concept combines modern design with traditional eastern ideas and principles of inner peace by connecting with nature. Using the Lingam as form inspiration & the Bodhi-tree and Japanese gardens as a basis on the concept's modules, Dhyan (sanskrit for meditate) transforms the eastern philosophies into varied configurations, allowing the user to choose his/her path to zen/relaxation. The water-pond mode surrounds the user with a waterfall & pond, while the garden mode surrounds the user with greenery. The standard mode contains storage areas under a platform that acts as a shelf.

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Sasank Gopinathan

Sasank Gopinathan is IDC member since 2020, with 2044 IDC rating.
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