Gabriel Henke

I am Gabriel Henke, an Architecture and Urbanism graduated from the State University of Londrina, with a period at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and the University of Southern California (USC) who loves furniture design.

I always try to emphasize since I graduated, the benefits of good furniture projects that can highlight the need for decoloniality as a way to decentralize and democratize the design of all people for all people with all people. Only then we can create a furniture design that allows a new way for the user to experience in different ways different environments.
Pet House by Gabriel Antunes Henke Carrano

Pudu Pet House by Gabriel Antunes Henke Carrano The Pudu pet house is a piece of furniture that pleases owners and their domestic animals at the same time. The design is composed of a canvas and a steel structure fixed together by pressure buttons. The set draws a fluid shape of a classic and minimalist pet house creating a roof, and a hanging bed with a pillow. The project has the goal to improve animals' well-being during resting moments giving them their own spot inside de house. Customizable with different options of colors and easy to clean, Pudu is also planned to reflect the owner's interior design style.

Contact Info

Gabriel Henke
131, Joaquim Nunes dos Passos St.
São Paulo
P: +5515998435021

Gabriel Henke is IDC member since 2022, with 2037 IDC rating.
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