Sergei Savateev

Interior designer Sergei Savateev. Design practicing since 2008. The winner of various national design competitions. The winner of A’Design Awards 2020 - silver award. Specialization - luxury interior creating in the author’s style. Realization, complication, author’s conduction. Creating of design projects of private residences.
Interior Design by Sergei Savateev

Gray and Gold Interior Design by Sergei Savateev Grey color is considered to be boring. But today this color is one from the head-liners in such styles as loft, minimalism and hi-tech. Gray is a color of preference for privacy, some peace, and rest. It mostly invites those, who work with people or are engaged in cognitive demands, as a general interior color. The walls, ceiling, furniture, curtains, and floors are grey. Hues and saturation of the grey are different only. Gold was added by additional details and accessories. It is accentuated by the picture frame.

Contact Info

Sergei Savateev
Vosstaniya street 6A.
P: +79119221600

Sergei Savateev is IDC member since 2020, with 2035 IDC rating.
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