Hugo Charlet

Hugo Charlet is an emerging furniture designer with an engineering background, he graduated in material engineering from the French university Arts & Métiers ParisTech. In
2018 he moved to Milan to pursue a master’s degree in Furniture Design at Politecnico di
Milano, after which he worked at Michele De Lucchi’s studio for his final internship. In 2020,
he moved back to France to work on personals projects and opened his own studio in his
hometown of Chamonix Mont-Blanc. In furniture design Hugo found the perfect medium for
his creative expression. His trademark is a perfect symbiosis between beauty and simplicity.
He likes to say that beauty and manufacturability are two sides of the same coin. Moreover,
his work is often tinted with humor and playfulness. He says that he always remained a child
at heart and describes himself as a dreamer.
Outdoor Metallic Chair by Hugo Charlet-berguerand

Tomeo Outdoor Metallic Chair by Hugo Charlet-berguerand During the 60s, visionary designers developed the first plastic furniture. The designers’ talent coupled with the versatility of the substance led to its indispensability. Both designers and consumers became addicted to it. Today, we know its environmental dangers. Still, restaurant terraces remain filled with plastic chairs. This is because the market offers little alternative. The design world remains sparsely populated with manufacturers of steel furniture, even sometimes republishing designs from the late 19th century… Here comes the birth of Tomeo: a modern, light & stackable steel chair.

Contact Info

Hugo Charlet
908 Route Des Chavants
P: +33672666686
F: France

Hugo Charlet is IDC member since 2020, with 2035 IDC rating.
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