Sophia Neill

Sophia is a high achieving, innovator of design with a goal to produce exceptional and unique products for the future. Sophia brings passion and a new light to every design project she is involved in, exerting no limit to her creativity. Her ingenuity and originality is shown throughout the variety of projects in her portfolio.
Reducing Viral Infections by Sophia Neill

Czero Reducing Viral Infections by Sophia Neill Czero is a wearable device that vibrates when the users hand is near their face, reminding them not to touch it, reducing transmission of contagious infections notably. Not only does this device break the dangerous habit of touching their face, it also tracks the state of the user and informs them when they may have contracted an infection. To have this information readily available to every individual user, the actions needed to recover or isolate will happen at the early stages of the illness, mitigating the spread in the most efficient way possible.

Contact Info

Sophia Neill
130, O'Dwyers Road
P: +64 272206008

Sophia Neill is IDC member since 2021, with 2024 IDC rating.
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