Shilpa Sharma

A young & dynamic female entrepreneur, fashion designer & film producer, Shilpa is the Founder & Director of media and entertainment firm, Atiksh Entertainment Pvt Ltd, an Indian entertainment company having more than 300 International Film Festival Selections & Awards in more than 40 countries in last 10 years. The company has done productions extensively in India as well as many Asian and European countries and made 10 international award-winning fashion films. She has done styling in many in-house projects and is responsible for running the overall operations.

She has masters in information technology and an eye to creativity and flawless logistics are her forte. She is also an accredited Nutrition Consultant & Yoga Practitioner. She has education, exposure, experience and an acute sense in fashion, which enabled the company to start new brands ‘Squacle’ and ‘Style Shrankhla’.
Dress with Wrap On by Shilpa Sharma

Metallic Dual Dress with Wrap On by Shilpa Sharma This dual purpose dress from India stands out in first look as it combines Gold and Silver beautifully. Claimed as an amalgam of resort and party wear, this dress can actually practical for its claim. The added on wrap is flexible to use but the joining attachment could have been better. It is evident that the design is inspired from precious metals and that philosophy is justified in use as well as look.

Jumpsuit by Shilpa Sharma

Ethnic Fusion Jumpsuit by Shilpa Sharma The jumpsuit is done on Indian ethnic printed fabric and can be donned on both casual outings and special occasions. The yellow color signifies both purity and sensuality and adds to the appeal. The inspiration is derived from ancient Indian scribbles coupled with modern design sensibilities. The idea was to design a dress that can act as a comfy jumpsuit and at the same time gives a high fashion statement.

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Shilpa Sharma
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Shilpa Sharma is IDC member since 2022, with 4054 IDC rating.
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