Shelly Agronin

A'Design Bronze Award winner.

Shelly Agronin is an industrial designer and an owner of "Wallaby" - a multidisciplinary design studio and a home decor brand in Israel.
The studio works with established and new brands to bring product and design visions to life. Wallaby's design is about creating a deeper connection between people, the environment, and the things we own. The studio focuses on metal-origami and origami-like products.
Decorative Clock by Shelly Agronin

Salvador Decorative Clock by Shelly Agronin Salvador clock is a modern version of the melted clock by Spanish painter Dali. The project began on March 2020, at the very beginning of the first lockdown. During this period, lots of people all around the world felt the time has slowed down. Liquid, melted time became the inspiration for the design. The challenge was to create a desirable object that will upgrade any home office and will make the work from home more pleasant. The simple, minimalist shape allows this item to be functional and to fit different home styles.

Contact Info

Shelly Agronin
Alon 3/2,
P: 972-523561124
F: 972-774282400

Shelly Agronin is IDC member since 2022, with 2030 IDC rating.
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