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My name is Li Jiuzhou, I am a designer from China. I majored in visual communication and advertising design when I was a student. Since I started my work, I have been exploring the design and carrying out cross-border design. I not only require myself to specialize in graphic design composed of traditional font / layout / graphics, but also consider the development trend of the times. In my opinion, designers must stand on the front line with customers and provide more professional and high-quality services to produce more valuable content that can move consumers.
Liquor Packaging by Li Jiuzhou

600th Anniversary Temple of Heaven Liquor Packaging by Li Jiuzhou The Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China has a history of 600 years. For this memorable 600 years, a group of commemorative white spirits was designed. The expression mode is modern and contains tradition. The ancient Chinese concept of "round heaven and square earth" is well reflected in this design. Everyone has good expectations, just like going to the temple of heaven to worship god, hope" Every corner of the world, Stability and Richness, Year after year, Forever peace".

Packaging by Li Jiuzhou

Mid Autumn Festival Gift Tea Packaging by Li Jiuzhou Mid Autumn Festival is a very special festival in China. On this festival, everyone will give friends what they think is good. In the design, a beautiful combination of blue and gold, a pale golden moon pattern and beautiful blessing words are used to construct a whole figure, which represents perfection and reunion. Open the box, there are eight metal boxes with tea in them. Eight boxes correspond to eight moon shapes. There is a full moon in the middle, which represents the meaning of hope reunion.

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Li Jiuzhou
1802, Unit 4, Building 5, (5-4-1802)
Chaoyang District
P: +8613911320133
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