Michelle Kason

Award-winning designer based in Hong Kong whose clients are from different countries. The fresh blood to the industry with strong concepts and precise sense towards the future of the ever-changing design industry.

Michelle often finds unique perspectives in seeing, thus visualising the world with special thoughts and a strategic approach. She mainly draws inspiration from mother nature, observing human behaviour, culture and philosophy.
Conceptual Exhibtion by Michelle Poon

Muse Conceptual Exhibtion by Michelle Poon Muse is an experimental design project studying the musical perception of the human through three installation experiences which provide different ways to experience music. The first is purely sensational using thermo-active material, and the second display the decoded perception of musical spatiality. The last is a translation between music notation and visual forms. People are encouraged to interact with the installations and explore the music visually with their own perception. The main message is that designers should be aware of how perception affects them in practice.

Rebranding by Michelle Poon

Greeninful Rebranding by Michelle Poon The rebranding design aims to refresh the look and feel of the young Greeninful and reposition it as a missionary brand that could echo with future generations. The visual system is designed to be engaging and community involved with bold colours and brush strokes. The colour choices are bright signifying hope and the images choices have to appear approachable and community focused. Shifted from a trading platform perspective, the design included the community building essence which is visually presented as collaborative raw handdrawn visuals that are flexible in usage.

Contact Info

Michelle Kason
Rm 10A, Iris Garden, Shatinpark Stage 3

Michelle Kason is IDC member since 2022, with 4070 IDC rating.
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