Ralf Kauffmann

Since 1992 freelance art and CD director for various agencies. Later he founded an agency and specialised in trade marketing and product and area staging. Since 2001 we have been supporting Nike in Europe in many areas of trade marketing and have long-standing clients from the consumer goods and food and beverage sectors.
Sneakers Box by Ralf Kauffmann

BSTN Raffle Sneakers Box by Ralf Kauffmann The task was to design and produce an action figure for a Nike shoe. Since this shoe combines a white snakeskin design with bright green elements, it was clear that the action figure would be a contortionist. Designers sketched and optimized the figure in a very short time as an action figure in the style of the well-known action heroes. Then they designed a small comic with a story and produced this figure in 3D printing with high-quality packaging.

Campaign and Sales Support by Ralf Kauffmann

Target Campaign and Sales Support by Ralf Kauffmann In 2020, Brainartist launches a cross-media campaign for the client Steitz Secura to acquire new customers: with a highly individualized message as a targeted poster campaign as close as possible to the gates of potential customers and an individualized mailing with the matching shoe from the current collection. The recipient receives the matching counterpart when he or she makes an appointment with the sales force. The aim of the campaign was to stage Steitz Secura and the "matching" company as a perfect pair. Brainartist developed the complete very successful campaign.

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Ralf Kauffmann
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