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Tiago Russo is the world's number one luxury product designer, with an exceptional award-winning portfolio that includes the world’s most respected brands. This impressive portfolio spans the luxury lifestyle domain from spirits to cosmetics, automotive to timepieces including: The Macallan, Dewars, The Dalmore, Craigellachie, Bacardi, Louis Vuitton, Patek Philippe, Coty Inc. and McLaren, to name a few.

Russo has been obsessed with detailed design for much of his career and holds a Master’s degree in Product Design with Automotive Design specialisation. With over a decade of experience implausibly dedicated to design, Russo is the ultimate perfectionist, always focused on making ideas a reality with a spirit of purpose, accuracy and finesse. Mastering the full design process from concept through to production, Russo is continuously immersing himself in culture and innovation to create pioneering, meaningful designs.

Revelation Designer of the Year in 2014 and collecting several awards and accolades over the last decade, Russo has been labelled one of the greatest luxury spirits and packaging designers of today. His design work for The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., attained the world record title for the most expensive inaugural whiskey bottle ever sold, and the overall winner of the Luxury Packaging Awards and the A’ Design Awards, marking another set of achievements on Russo’s creations within luxury product design, where we can find record-breaking and award-winning creations such as The Devil's Keep, The Brollach, The Emerald Isle - in collaboration with Fabergé, The Taoscán or The Aodh.
Ultra Rare Single Malt Irish Whiskey by Tiago Russo

The Devil's Keep Ultra Rare Single Malt Irish Whiskey by Tiago Russo The inaugural release from The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., The Devil’s Keep Experience Box has been created with the most luxurious attention to every single detail, embodied by a dark stained oak finish and brass detailing. It all starts with the strong minimalist visuals on the outside, locked by an ancient Japanese lock with a dedicated key stored at the back. Only by unleashing the experience box from its ancient lock, you will be able to immerse into the contents inside, where dark burgundy leather walls hold the tasting accessories, crucial to experiencing the Devil’s in full.

Rare Irish Whiskey Packaging by Tiago Russo

The Emerald Isle Rare Irish Whiskey Packaging by Tiago Russo A timeless art statement and what is today the most luxurious and rarest Irish whiskey ever created. A record-breaking highly collectable set that brings together immersive, sensorial design and craftsmanship with the artistry of refined jewellery and detailing. Envisioned as the ultimate whiskey statement, with only 7 sets in existence, the fully bespoke Emerald Isle collection pays homage to iconic and mythological Irish sites through the refined bottle, box and display unit designs that make this an unforgettable experience, and truly, a piece of whiskey and jewellery history.

Irish Whiskey Packaging by Tiago Russo

The Taoscan Irish Whiskey Packaging by Tiago Russo To stand out from the crowd you need to be extraordinary. And The Taoscan is no ordinary product: there is no whiskey on earth like it. Designed for the finest venues, stealing the limelight on the bar. The stand and accessories were designed to offer the perfect whiskey serve: its open, 360 degrees design allows it to be viewed from every angle, deploying envy from everyone else in the bar. The walnut stand, the detailed copper stems that lead up to a leather handle, the obsidian or the thoroughly crafted bottle and glasses; every part of The Tasocan is the pinnacle of design excellence.

Irish Whiskey Packaging by Tiago Russo

The Aodh Irish Whiskey Packaging by Tiago Russo The Aodh inhabits a world of darkness and glamour, where lights are low and passions soar. Drawing on this mysticism, it tells of a time after dark, its form a mesmerising helix that bewitches and enchants. The Aodh's stand illuminates the bottle from behind, the opal LED trim sending golden beams spinning through the whiskey before dancing off the mirrored surface of the frame. Harnessing the interplay of day and night, the polished golden curved surfaces reflect the light, while the textured and knurled details absorb it, generating a glow that places The Aodh firmly in the spotlight.

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