Pablo Vidiella

It’s founder, Pablo Vidiella was born in 1984 in Madrid, where he is currently based. Interested in arts, he decided to study Architecture, obtaining the degree in 2013. After that he moved to London, where he started working in a well-known architectural practice, having the opportunity to work in different fields and scales of architecture and design, getting in touch with technical and digital fabrication. Back in Madrid, he decided to train and focus exploring and investigating creation boundaries as a personal challenge until today.

HenkaLab is an award winning studio where shape experimentation takes place. Inspired by nature, my work emulates evolutionary processes, subjecting pure geometries to certain tensions, obtaining new living forms that fit a specific use.
Coffee Table by Pablo Vidiella

Sankao Coffee Table by Pablo Vidiella Sankao coffee table, meaning "three faces" in japanese, is an elegant piece of furniture meant to become an important character of any modern living room space. Sankao is based on an evolutionary concept, which grow and develop as a living being. The choice of material could only be solid wood from sustainable plantations. Sankao coffee table equally combines highest manufacture technology with traditional craftsmanship, making each piece unique. Sankao is available in different solid wood types such as iroko, oak or ash.

Chair by Pablo Vidiella

Hana Chair by Pablo Vidiella Hana Chair is an elegant piece of furniture inspired by plant nature. Like a flower, Hana blossoms into two petals as a structural and functional solution to the requirements of a chair, forming the backrest, the seat and embracing the body of the user. The material used could only be solid wood, enhancing its curves and natural beauty.

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Pablo Vidiella
calle Cruz de la Atalaya, 7, Portal 10, Bajo 02

Pablo Vidiella is IDC member since 2022, with 4091 IDC rating.
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