Lai Jiebin

Lai jiebin, born in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China in 1998, studied in Shandong Academy of Arts and crafts in 2018, member of IDC international designer club, 2020, nomination award, 2020, the fourth Shenzhen Pipa cup public art elite competition 2020, three bronze medals, Hong Kong Contemporary Design Award 2020, one silver medal, two bronze awards and one Excellence Award, the fifth 2020 environmental protection art creation competition, One second prize and two third prizes, the first 2020 National College Students' national defense and military industry cultural and creative competition, one first prize, the first "ice and snow cultural and creative town" cultural and creative competition, creative product design competition 2020, one silver prize, 2020 International College Students' hand-painted art design competition 2020, one future star award, 2020 Tangping design competition 2020, and one innovation award, The second "cultural new fashion ยท art innovation life" cultural and creative product design competition 2020, three outstanding works awards of the eighth Guangdong (Zhongshan) cultural and creative design competition
Public Art by Lai Jiebin

Arc Public Art by Lai Jiebin The dynamic arc adds a simple flavor to the chaotic city. Two spheres are placed at the bottom of both sides to make the arc have tension. The sphere itself has the desire to occupy the surrounding space, which makes it possible to think whether the curvature of the arc is caused by the two spheres. The elegant lines add a sense of interest and beauty to the square city.

Contact Info

Lai Jiebin
No.1 Road, University Science Park
Changqing District
P: +86 19861837551

Lai Jiebin is IDC member since 2021, with 2036 IDC rating.
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