Cheng Xiangsheng

Cheng Xiangsheng, since 2017, the total number of downloads of all his works on the WeChat emoji platform is about: 10,785,07 times, and the total number of reposts is about: 13,100,161 times. This is a huge achievement. When new media such as mobile phones emerged, emoji became a new design category, and Cheng Xiangsheng's design was the forerunner and one of the best.
 Emoje by Cheng Xiangsheng

Dabai Emoje by Cheng Xiangsheng Dabai is a success emoji. As of January 17, 2021, it has received a total of 104,460 downloads and 1994,885 shipments. In China, people's communication methods have quickly entered the Internet era, which has changed people's lifestyles. As a result, the requirements for communication have become richer. It wants to convey more content and more emotions, and simple words can no longer complete such tasks. The derivation of emoji is an expansion of the communication boundary, and the results of "Dabai" fully demonstrate this change.

Emoji by Cheng Xiangsheng

Mia Emoji by Cheng Xiangsheng Emoji is a new design based on the popularity of mobile devices; it is to meet people's new needs for communication. Emoji, like any design branch, needs to take into account both practicality and beauty. "Mia" meets this requirement. It conveys meanings that cannot be expressed by words through a lovely image, thus enriching communication. In order to adapt to the progress of society, design is developed, and Emoji is a part of the development, which pushes the boundaries of design one step further.

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Cheng Xiangsheng
Ganjingzi District
Dalian City
P: +8615698861606

Cheng Xiangsheng is IDC member since 2021, with 4053 IDC rating.
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