Mckella Daly

Mckella Daly is an Industrial Design Graduate of Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. She is a passionate and innovative Industrial Designer who identifies product opportunities and translates my ideas into functioning products through formats such as sketching, prototyping, and modelling on CAD software. Four years ago, she decided to study Industrial Design and throughout the completion of her degree, she have developed a strong interest in Universal Design and Human-Centred Design and how these design methods can be impacted through the use of 3D-Printing technologies.
Dexterity Assistive Device by Mckella Daly

Saor Dexterity Assistive Device by Mckella Daly Saor, translated from Irish meaning free, is an enabling dexterity assistive device created in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The aim of this project was to provide those with dexterity or fine motor skill issues the opportunity to express themselves, feel empowered, gain independence and freedom, and be involved in activities using writing, drawing or painting, by creating a basic yet functional and reliable product that was affordable, accessible and adaptable.

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Mckella Daly
P: +353877164461

Mckella Daly is IDC member since 2022, with 2025 IDC rating.
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