Midori Yamazaki

Midori Yamazaki
Creative Director / Artist / Researcher. Graduated From London Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design / MA Communication Design and worked at DLX Design Lab, the Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo. Specialized in Communication Design Including Digital, Graphic, and Space Design. As for a career background, took the role of Creative Director at adidas, NIKE, Facebook, Condé Nast, and Won multiple awards including Design Space Associate Award, Tokyo Art Directors Club Award, NY Art Directors Club Award, and Type Directors Club Award.
Digital Interactive Platform by Midori Yamazaki

List of Innovation Seeds Digital Interactive Platform by Midori Yamazaki The experience with Covid-19 has given mankind the seeds of innovation in many areas that will change the perspective and help people live better in the future from a positive point of view. Before the seeds are forgotten as the issue is resolved, a cross-disciplinary collaboration of designers, scientists, and others has developed a list of concepts and ideas with a design thinking approach and it is made available to everyone as an interactive digital platform that is designed to be easy to understand and search inspiration for future research.

Digital Artworks by Midori Yamazaki

Sound of Magma Digital Artworks by Midori Yamazaki Observation of infrasound generated by natural phenomena is attracting attention In Japan, where natural disasters occur frequently. Infrasound cannot be heard and seen, but infrasound generated by volcanic eruptions, for example, can be transmitted far and can be observed from a safe distance in order to avoid disaster. In collaboration with the Earthquake Research Institute of the University of Tokyo, experimental artworks in which infrasound is visualized and made audible were created to stimulate the sixth sense, the ability to sense nature, which modern humans have lost.

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Midori Yamazaki
#305 3-9-10, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku
P: +81 80 9342 6182

Midori Yamazaki is IDC member since 2022, with 4056 IDC rating.
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