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Zhang Jin, brand & packaging designers, beginning in 2008 engaged in design work, then founded Wuhan SANBU brand design concurrently hold the position of chief designer, takes "making designs that convey feelings" as the design concept he believed in professional first, strictly control the number of works to improve the quality of each work, a year only produced more than ten piece of design work, has won the domestic and international design awards, more than 100 Awards: Graphis Gold Award, A 'Design Silver Award, Muse Design Award platinum Award (highest level), New York Product Design Award, IDA International Design Award, DNA Paris Design Award, China Star Design Award, CCII International Biennale Award, IDC International Designers Club Award, ICVA International Council for Visual Arts Award, etc. He has a passion for design and has always enjoyed it.
Packaging by Jin Zhang

Ying Hua Qing Su Packaging by Jin Zhang The front of the gift box is covered with cherry blossoms, matching with the landmark buildings in Wuhan, showing the vitality of spring and local characteristics. The swallow with love letter gives the picture romantic emotion, the characters in the 1990s add a sense of retro, highlighting the characteristics of the century old craftsmanship of the brand. The inner box design can be cleverly folded into the shape of cherry blossom, which matches with the blue bottom box of the lake, forming the aesthetic feeling of Cherry Blossom falling on the lake.

Packaging by Jin Zhang

Jinlongquan Yanzhi Packaging by Jin Zhang Jinlongquan brand has been in Hubei for more than 40 years. This time, it creates a series of beer that can represent Hubei culture. The designer uses Chinese calligraphy to express the dialect culture. At the same time, he paints the most representative buildings and water system in Hubei (Hubei has the reputation of being a province with thousands of lakes), characters and consumption scenes, and integrates more flavor of life and sense of fashion. People can talk about the dialect on the bottle. Take a look at your hometown in the illustration to enhance the interaction with consumers.

Tea Bag by Jin Zhang

Xiaoxiancao Tea Bag by Jin Zhang Through the study of the origin of tea bags, the designer determined the story in the Tang Dynasty, and took the tea drinking with the sleeves covering the mouth as the main visual expression to let more people know and love tea in a more interesting way. On the back, the easy to understand "tea" is used to convey the category and enhance the sense of quality. The small tea bag uses the aluminum foil bag with independent small package, which is convenient for consumers to carry and drink.

Gift Box  by Jin Zhang

Zhu Xixi Gift Box by Jin Zhang 2022 is the year of the tiger in the Chinese lunar calendar. The most direct way is to use tiger graphics. The designer uses the similar pronunciation of tiger and blessing in Chinese, and uses five tigers to express wu fu lin men (a Chinese idiom, commonly used in New Years). use idioms and graphics to form double New Year's blessings. Bold orange and green contrasting colors make the whole package more stylish. The box can be used as a decorative painting, and at the same time, there is a colorable tiger picture for people to interact.

Beer Packaging by Jin Zhang

Jinlongquan Beer Packaging by Jin Zhang Jinlongquan beer hopes to launch a medium and high end product that can not only convey the long history of the brand, but also make consumers feel good quality; designers use rich illustrations to depict hops, ears of wheat, wooden wine barrels, beer, water sources and other elements, so that the packaging has a strong beer industry attribute; more importantly, the illustrations include the brand image symbol of Chinese dragon sculpture in the former site of Jinlongquan distillery in 1978, as well as the redesign of logo font and brand red, forming a strong brand recognition.

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Jin Zhang is IDC member since 2022, with 10147 IDC rating.
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