Hayato Ishii

In 2004, he opened studio acca, a first-class architect office, and in 2017, he established studio acca Inc.
With the motto of "Connecting people with design to create Happiness", we design, supervise, and design detached houses, villas, condominiums, and more. We have been working with our clients through trial and error to create a place that is more personal to them. We place the utmost importance on designing through dialogue with the builder, rather than creating a building as a work of art. What is important to you when you build a building, and what do you want to do there? By discussing these issues at length, we come up with more enjoyable ideas and propose designs that we think are best for the client.
Hotel by Hayato Ishii

Norm Air Hotel by Hayato Ishii The private hotel Norm Air, based on the concept of chill and art, was designed to provide a luxurious chill experience. Overlooking the sky, forests, and lakes, the hotel offers a visual experience of floating in the sky, just as the word air implies. Designed for inclement weather, guests can enjoy the art on display at the hotel and the luxury chill experience even on rainy or cold days. Furniture and tools created by artists and designers allow you to enjoy an extraordinary experience.

Hotel by Hayato Ishii

Norm Hotel by Hayato Ishii The building is planned around the concept of chill and art, and is designed to provide a chill experience with family and friends, surrounded by nature and art, in a time that moves slowly. In order not to affect the building's surrounding environment, the exterior of the building is all in black to blend in with the natural surroundings. No wood is used for the finishing materials of the building, and natural trees are brought indoors as borrowed scenery, allowing visitors to enjoy the forest through the contrast between indoors and outdoors.

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Hayato Ishii
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Hayato Ishii is IDC member since 2023, with 4070 IDC rating.
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