Structural engineer working on extend boundary of structures.
Coorprated with architects to complete some excellent structural designs, some of which have won several internationally renowned awards.

Published several professional books.

As an off-campus tutor, guides graduate students from many countries.

Founded and administrate 'China Structure Forum' ( for over 20 years, today with about 360,000 members and over 1,000,000 posts.

Founded and served as the president of Shanghai Xuhui District Steel Structure Society for nearly 15 years.
Cafe and WalkOn Glass by XinY

Skyboat Cafe and WalkOn Glass by XinY The structure cantilevers 36m over the 613m deep sinkhole. The top of the sinkhole is extremely narrow which can only accommodate a small passageway. Skyboat is proposed to span over the passageway and cantilever out to each side of the mountain ridge. Similar to the tumbler toys, it is proposed to lower the structure centre of gravity and utilize the minimum area (10metres by 30metres), in which way, the self-balance of the structure is therefore achieved.

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