Misaki Tanaka

I am a serial social entrepreneur and social designer in Japan. While design is a wonderful way to inspire people and change behavior, I believe that it has also contributed to the creation of many social issues. Because I love to think about design, I want to create designs for a better society. I have run a non-profit organization on disaster prevention and climate change for 8 years, run a PR and design company specializing in solving social issues, and now run SOLIT, a fashion brand that is even more inclusive of diverse people.

Solit Clothes by MISAKI TANAKA The design allows customers to choose from more than 1,600 patterns of size regardless of their body type, disability or sexuality at an affordable price. It involves customers' voices, such as people with disabilities and sexual minorities, as well as medical and welfare professionals voices in the development process in the entire process, and cutting the fabric only after receiving a purchase request. This allows the design perfectly fits customers individual needs and their lifestyle.

Contact Info

Misaki Tanaka
2-1-1-206, Minamiyamata, Tsuzuki-ku
P: 08038639591

Misaki Tanaka is IDC member since 2022, with 2030 IDC rating.
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