QiuYu Li

Alex Li (Qiuyu Li), born in Beijing, China in 1992, arrived in Japan in 2013. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Information Science, he pursued his research in design under the guidance of Prof. Yoshimaru Takahashi, In 2024, obtained a Doctorate in Fine Arts. That same year, joined TOMBO Inc., a design firm based in Osaka. With a strong interest in the design principles of 20th-century constructivism, Alex aims to revitalize traditional constructivism by incorporating East Asian aesthetics and exploring new possibilities. His experimental results have garnered numerous awards both domestically and internationally.

Poster by Qiuyu Li

Utopian City Poster by Qiuyu Li With the spread of digital information, the opportunities for writing and reading have become much less than before, instead visuals are important. Utopian City Planning is rethinks about modern typography, the motifs and letters found in architecture are fused to create a new order of typography and explores new visual possibilities for typography. At the same time, also emphasizes the relationship with the "clarity" of typography.

Logo by Qiuyu Li

Hearing Extraordinary Dream Logo by Qiuyu Li Hearing Extraordinary Dream logo fully utilize the pictographic nature of Chinese characters. For the logo design of a music-related company, the central concept revolved around sound and audio sources. The textual elements were crafted using visual elements symbolizing ear and sound waves. By incorporating the characteristics of pictographic characters, the goal was to create a logo type resembling an emoji, allowing people to grasp the company's business to some extent even without reading Chinese characters.

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QiuYu Li
Shijonawate-shi, Nankou 1-9-55, 209Room
P: +81 8038293937
F: 日本

QiuYu Li is IDC member since 2022, with 4062 IDC rating.
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