QiuYu Li

QiuYu Li, born in Beijing, China in 1992, is a graphic designer. Came to Japan in 2013 and currently living in Osaka. Graduated from Osaka Electro-Communication University in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Information Science. In 2018, obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree from Osaka University of Arts Graduate School. Currently, pursuing a doctoral degree at the Graduate School of Osaka University of Arts. Member of WDC(World Design Consortium), IAD(International Association of Designers) and IDC(International Design Club).

Poster by QiuYu Li

Utopian City Poster by QiuYu Li With the spread of digital information, the opportunities for writing and reading have become much less than before, instead visuals are important. Utopian City Planning is rethinks about modern typography, the motifs and letters found in architecture are fused to create a new order of typography and explores new visual possibilities for typography. At the same time, also emphasizes the relationship with the "clarity" of typography.

Contact Info

QiuYu Li
Shijonawate-shi, Nankou 1-9-55, 209Room
P: +81 8038293937
F: 日本

QiuYu Li is IDC member since 2022, with 2030 IDC rating.
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