Zona Yuechen Guan

Based in New York and Shanghai, Yuechen Guan, known professionally as Zona, has extensive experience in a wide range of artistic disciplines. Her current practice focuses on photography and design, work that has received numerous awards, but she has also garnered prizes for her painting, acting, dance, and musical performance. She has also worked as an interdisciplinary designer, teaching the subject in her native China. The recent recipient of a Master’s in Digital Photography from New York’s prestigious School of Visual Arts, Zona has exhibited her work both in the U.S. and abroad. Her most recent series of photographs, Juxtapose, explores how Chinese classical dance has been influenced by global and Western culture through a series of images portraying both traditional and modern performance styles. These photographs will be displayed in fall 2022 at Manhattan’s SVA Gramercy Gallery.
Book by Zona Yuechen Guan

Discussing Time Book by Zona Yuechen Guan Discussing Time is a collective book design project for the typographic sculptures with the letter time. The designer gathered a group of people to think and discuss time and make sculptures based on their expressions. The idea of the designer Zona's sculptures originates from the natural phenomenon of ice melting into the water. She wants to make the audiences experience the passage of time while seeing the sculpture. The book design combines 16th century book design elements with modern techniques to span the idea of time.

Contact Info

Zona Yuechen Guan
No.47 Long'an Road, Shihua, Jinshan
P: +1 646-238-7576

Zona Yuechen Guan is IDC member since 2022, with 2030 IDC rating.
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