Takako Masuki

Masuki is a graphic designer and zine maker living in Tokyo. She has worked for several design firms including India and Shanghai. Since then, she has been actively working as a freelancer.
On the other hand, she is also working on illustrating and publishing a book on Asian cuisine.
In 2021, she won the best of the best in the design category of the Gourmand Cookbook Awards, the Oscars of cookbooks.
Book by Takako Masuki

Dictionaly of Grasses Book by Takako Masuki This dictionary introduces grasses (weeds). The outside cover uses tracing paper with grass illustrations. The inside cover also has grass illustrations. So when one sees from the front, since the outside cover illustrations are translucent, one may feel the depth effect. The interest in flowers and grasses is quite popular in Japan. This dictionary introduces flowers and grasses that live in the neighborhood. This dictionary is one of the bestsellers in Raicho publishing.

Logo by Takako Masuki

Capu capu forest kindergarten Logo by Takako Masuki This kindergarten is different from ordinary kindergartens in that it allows students to experience nature from the age of zero. The design also focuses on the concept of expressing the innocence and simplicity of a child. She aimed to keep the shape as simple as possible to leave room for creativity. She used a paper cutout-like form. She also included various creatures that children may encounter in the forest as motifs. She used Risograph for printing. Since they had a limited budget they used rough paper which is commonly used at schools and can express natural feelings.

Contact Info

Takako Masuki
Tsutsujigaoka 2-7-23 107
P: +81 8065890880

Takako Masuki is IDC member since 2022, with 4055 IDC rating.
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