Joey van Beek

Joey van Beek a person who lives mostly around the four step rule, that is: See – Do – Have – Share. Creating a vision is what gives fulfilment. And having learned early in life that; Success without fulfilment is failure, makes the approach in the way of designing logical for him. Al the designs he makes are one-of and are inspired by the character of the client. This way a design is physically and mentally personal.
Bar Table by Joey van Beek

Steel U Bar Table by Joey van Beek Steel U, a design that was based on the past, created in the present and is made with the intension to inspire the future. This resulted in a combination of an reused steel tabletop that is supported by concrete legs which were destroyed by physical emotions. This way the design becomes literally a part of the person who the destroys concrete. The combination gave physical and mental challenges during the process, but eventually resulted in a design that gave fulfillment.

Contact Info

Joey van Beek
Hoorn, 12
P: 0031620472466

Joey van Beek is IDC member since 2022, with 2025 IDC rating.
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