Yi Zhang and Zhen Wang

Yi Zhang and Zhen Wang, as creative designers and artists, jointly established “Chromosome” in 2020, which is a young design team based in Hangzhou, China. Lighting up the borderless imagination in reality and making business beautiful and full of fun is what they are doing. Yi Zhang and Zhen Wang have been committed to the integration and innovation of digital, art, products, and other intersecting fields. By capturing the magical moments in life, they inject experimentation, critical thinking, and spiritual power into their creations, linking people, nature, time, and space in the transformation of their works to create a new life experience for people. Just like chromosomes, they reconstruct the genes of reality and recreate a multi-dimensional perception world. Their works have participated in multiple domestic and foreign exhibitions and won multiple design art awards.
Lamp by Zhen Wang and Yi Zhang

Hat Lamp by Zhen Wang and Yi Zhang When the Hat Lamp is turned on, it is as if the sunlight illuminates the silhouette through the invisible blinds. It allows users to touch the warm memories in the subconscious, as if they are in a warm living room, so they can become calm and enjoy the good time of the moment. When the user wants to change the moment of sunshine, he just needs to change the hat. The Hat Lamp is not only elegant in shape, the square base and round hat also represent Yin and Yang in Chinese culture respectively, forming a state of the sky is round and the earth is square.

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Yi Zhang and Zhen Wang
Xiangshan Street
P: 8615057150527
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Yi Zhang and Zhen Wang is IDC member since 2022, with 2037 IDC rating.
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