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We are designers dedicated to the generation of hight quality 3d artisan photographs. Specialized in hospitality, retail & real states. We assist interior designers, architects, art directors, etc. to comunicate the qualities of their projects through colors, textures, lights and shadows.
After 8 years of experience working for some of the major design studios it was time to create this new company specialising in interior design to offer our clients a process of maximum customisation of their designs. Our studio foments the culture of design, as well as teamwork, and we believe in the equality of people, education and care for the environment.
We are passionate about our work and we consider this is reflected in our images.
Retail by Detail CG Studio

Martian Bar Retail by Detail CG Studio It is the conceptual design of a coffee and juice bar located on Mars. A vision that combines "digital lifestyle" and "street design" that aims to represent today's everyday life, of planet earth, in a different stage. It is a collection of computer graphics photographs, in which each of the furniture and accessories have been modeled in detail to give more realism to the project. It is a transgressive design that contrasts with the surrounding space. Undoubtedly, a design that makes you think about where humanity is heading.

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Detail CG Studio
C/Federico Alcácer Aguilar nº1 Esc.G Pta.11
P: +34 960 91 52 76

Detail CG Studio is IDC member since 2022, with 2030 IDC rating.
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